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Identify what categories you will utilize to develop your portfolio at this stage of your early career. What type of portfolio would you prefer to use to present yourself to future recruiters, web based or documents?

Your initial response to the post should be 400 words in length and include proper APA formatting when referencing your resources.


Discussion Board Rubric: Discussion questions provide you a format to respond, expand, integrate, and reflect on your understanding of the module content. Expectations from the faculty include students will actively participate in discussion to share and gain new insights, critique ideas, and to pursue the goal of constructing new knowledge.

Discussion Rubric Criteria


Points Possible

Incorporated knowledge of readings and material within the response, contributed a substantive posting that demonstrated cognitive reflection, critical thinking and
understanding of the subject matter. Ideas examine topic from new perspective that contributes to group understanding of topic

Initial post: 100-125 words, minimum

Postings offered substantial, well written contributions and opinions, observations, questions, experiences, critiques, and/or suggestions. Reflects a reference from the required readings or outside readings, and/or personal experiences related to the question.

Met criteria for length of response


Responded to at least two other class members with substantial details that reflects critical thinking

Response: 100-125 words, minimum

Posting to classmate either agrees or disagrees with classmate and provides evidence in support of the response. Posting is constructive and contributes to the discussion.
All questions/comments posed from classmates were appropriately addressed

Meets criteria for length of response


MECHANICS: Posting submissions exhibit appropriate, using proper language, cordiality, grammar, punctuation of college level writing.

3 grammar and/or spelling errors in answer = 0 point

Post follows use of
APA guidelines for reference = 1 point

grammar or spelling errors in
answer = 1 point



One point will be deducted each day for late submissions and no submissions accepted after Saturday midnight; week of post due date.


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