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Using the directional terms in the table from your textbook, describe how you, or someone close by you, is sitting or standing. Include at least 5 of the terms describing body positioning and movement. Then describe the opposite (for example, if you said your foot was plantar flexed, use dorsiflexed) for all of the terms you used, and make a guess whether you would be comfortable in that position.

Your response should be posted to the Discussion Area below. By the end of the week, begin commenting on at least 2 of your peers’ responses. Ask questions, further the discussion of the topic, reinforce a response, or add another dimension to the discussion. Always use constructive language.

Part Two

Think of a few examples or do some research into examples where the prefix or suffix of a root word changes the meaning from one term to another. Why is it critical for medical professionals to understand and use prefixes and suffixes carefully?


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