Laboratory report for practical – sensory evaluation and biscuit


Laboratory Report For Practical – Sensory Evaluation And Biscuit Shelf LifeIntroductionThe introduction should state the problem and outline the method for tackling the problem. It should also include the background on the issues relevant to the experiment.Your introduction should state the objective of using sensory and physical assessments to characterize biscuits produced with different types of fat ingredients to determine how the fat affects the quality and shelf-life.Provide a brief review literature on the types of fat used in the biscuit trials and the likely changes during storage. Also review the methods employed during the experiment, including the training of a sensory panel; and qualitative sensory analysis. Also review the physical and chemical methods, including texture analysis, colour assessment, water activity and moisture.Compare and contrast the different literature available to explain the relevant theories behind your experiments. The background information is included at this point so that you can refer to this theory or finding in your discussion, thus provide greater depth to your report.MethodProvide a ’citation for the laboratory manual /practical notes provided for the experiment. Describe all deviations from the provided method; e.g. amounts, temperature, equipment changes, whatever is relevant to your particular experiment. Provide composition details on each fat used.ResultsCollate all the raw data (sensory results, texture, colour, water activity, total solids) into excel spreadsheets Place the excel spreadsheets containing all the raw data into the Appendix. [This will allow me to check calculations and suggest how to correct if errors occur].Extensive statistical analysis of the sensory data will be required:Effect of fat on sensory quality for week 0 and for week 2, by ANOVA with Turkey Post Hoc test for significance.Effect of storage time on sensory quality: Paired comparison test to identify significance change over the 2 weeks for each sensory parameter. Remember that you can only compare assessments for each individual.The main body of the report will have the summary sensory results tables and graphs including statistical significance, plus tables and figures containing the physical and chemical test results for the different products, for week 0 and week 2.Decide how you would like to present your results so they best illustrate the findings and allow the reader to easily compare and observe trends. You need to create your own tables that improve the accessibility of the information for the reader. Always provide the appropriate SI units or metric units.


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