Assignment and class discussion ( apa format with zero plagiarisms)


(A)  Class discussion

Assigned to examine the nursing philosophy of Florence Nightingale. In this discussion, you must accomplish the following:

  • Use Nightingale’s philosophy of nursing to consider the interventions you would use for the patient described in the following scenario:
    • A  35-year-old woman presents to the emergency room by herself complaining of acute onset right lower quadrant abdominal pain and nausea: She has vomited 3 times. Her color is ashen, her oral temperature is 99.2, her pulse is 118 beats per minutes, her respirations are 24 breaths/minute, and her blood pressure is 90/50- mm/Hg. She is diagnosed with a ruptured       right ovarian cyst.

In considering this scenario, be sure to provide a rationale for your actions/interventions recommended based specifically on Nightingale’s philosophy. See discussion board rubric attached.

See attached document for discussion rubric. 

(B)  Assignment Instructions.

The purpose of this assignment is to stimulate thinking about how specific care might be approached using the Roy Adaptation Model as a framework for practice.

Instructions: All instructions must be follow.

1. After reading the assigned scenario, identify 2 more problems or potential problems along with interventions to the plan of care for Mrs. M. based on those typical for a patient with her medical problems or symptoms and demographics (in other words, you can assume that she may have other problems such as anxiety or pain or may be at risk for other problems).

2. Develop a plan for one additional nursing problem using Roy’s theory as the basis for practice, while considering at least one of the four adaptive modes (physiological-Physical, Self-Concept-Group Identity, Role Function, or Independence Mode).

3. Put your plan of care into a PowerPoint presentation 

4. Be sure that you include a title page and reference page, as appropriate. The PowerPoint should not be more than 10 slides in addition to the title and reference page.

See below attached document for the assigned scenario and rubric.


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