Personality disorder | Psychology homework help

Personality disorder | Psychology homework help.


Select one of the following personality disorders; borderline, antisocial, or narcisistic personality disorder SEE ATTACHED NOTES


Use the Research Analysis to complete this assignment.


Prepare at least 1,100 word paper that discusses research-based interventions to treat psychopathology.


Review the characteristics of the selected disorder and discuss the research about intervention strategies for the disorder by completing the following:


* Evaluate three peer-reviewed research studies using the University of Phoenix Material: Research Analysis.


* Conceptualize the disorder using the DSM-5, diathesis stress or biopsychosocial model. ( link to explain these models


* Discuss the treatments or interventions that have been shown to be the most effective for your selected disorder.


Cite at least five peer-reviewed sources.


Personality disorder | Psychology homework help


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