Historical background of pci dss

Historical background of pci dss.


Paper Subject

Historical background of PCI DSS, such as the history of payments in the U.S., the introduction of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, and other general points of knowledge that help to set the tone for the Project. 

Unless logically inapplicable, such as when writing about historical facts, use the current version of the guidelines: PCI DSS 3.2.1. Start at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

Each student is charged with researching, discussing, and presenting results about one of the components of the PCI DSS system.

The Research

Please utilize the University’s wealth of library resources, as well as alternative scholarly or legal resources as appropriate.

While it is not prohibited to use other, non-scholarly resources, the key to compiling a cogent, informed Residency Project in our course is to focus on peer-reviewed, scholarly articles and the laws, regulations, and legal cases that surround PCI DSS. The balance should weigh heavily

toward those resources, although some other magazine, newspaper, or website sources may help you.


Peer-reviewed sources

Acceptable Sources

Unacceptable Sources


· Law Review

· Scientific journals

· Scholarly Journals


· ProQuest

· UC Library IS Guide

· Court cases

· Legal Restatements

· News articles

· News magazines

· Professional magazines

· Articles from experts in   the field of study

· Wikipedia

· Open Source

· General blogs

· Vendor White papers

· Social Media Posts

The Writing

The research paper that you produce must be in APA style, as discussed. Style affects all components of the paper from margins and font choice to overall structure to references citations, including proper citation of laws and court cases.

In addition to using the APA style to guide your work, your team should also keep in mind the scoring rubric that is provided at iLearn. The more that your work answers the call of that rubric, the higher your score will be.

It is important to write well both in academia and in your professional lives. This is not only because communicating well is part of being a professional, but also because poorly written work detracts from the value of the work. Readers, intentionally or not, equate badly grammar, poor spelling, and other English writing mistakes with incomplete research or unpersuasive arguments. Perhaps that is in error—i.e., it is not actually the case that all poorly written work is dispensable—though that effect cannot be ignored.

The paper should be written according to APA rules, and is to be between five and 10 pages of text. Plus, a title page, an abstract page and a references page. So the paper should be eight to 13 pages. 

Historical background of pci dss


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