Accounting assignment | Accounting homework help

Accounting assignment | Accounting homework help.


Based upon the material covered from the readings and/or videos from Week 8, highlight the three most important concepts you learned this week and how each of these concepts will help you in appreciating the power of AIS. Be sure to include examples with your postings.  NOTE: You should first identify the concepts that you learned and then describe how they increased your appreciation and understanding of AIS.


Access this material to learn more about implementing financial systems, using the US Federal Government as an example.





After spending the last seven weeks learning about AIS,  you have now learned a lot. Now, after reading the article from IBM on “what we know now”, highlight the future of accounting information systems (AIS). Will the future be as bright as today or will there be major challenges to overcome?  Be sure to include examples to support your response. 

Accounting assignment | Accounting homework help


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