Dis 5 | INF 220 IS Principles | Ashford University

Dis 5 | INF 220 IS Principles | Ashford University.

Regarding the discussion of growing information systems security impacts, our guest speaker, Dr. Rajin Koonjbearry, states, “I anticipate it’s going to get worse before it gets better” (INF220 Week Five Information Systems – Security, Ethical, and Social Impacts Part Two (Links to an external site.)). What supporting content does Dr. Koonjbearry provide to justify his position? Our Instructor Guidance highlights security breach predictions provided by the Experian data breach. Are these predictions in agreement with Dr. Koonjbearry’s position? After reading and watching our required course material, do you agree with Dr. Koonjbearry’s position? Why or why not? Give examples to illustrate your answer. Provide justification and citations for your points.

Professor comment for discussion post

Hi Nadine, 
Although the internet was not created to be secure web 2.0 and above had to include a security measure due to the amount of information flowing across it. I also agree the impact of the internet going down would be felt worldwide. I feel we are always one step behind the hackers. What are your thoughts?

Dis 5 | INF 220 IS Principles | Ashford University


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